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Economy of Scale

200T daily of production capacity(Economies of scale) helps us to achieve a high efficiency & low costs, creating an unbeatable price advantage. And our people are among the most devoted and experienced to make the product quality perfect as well.

Trading Service

With knowledge of each and every step of the wire business. A SK trader will devote enormous time and effort to studying a customers’s domestic industry and visiting.No part of the whole buying process will cause you unease.Remember, with SK, you are dealing with the Pro.

Horizontal Integration

Manufacturing,Transportation, implementation of funding, the requirements of import-export legislation and exchange risks, tax returns, after sale service. Through Horizontal Integration, SK understand the customer’s needs and deliver the best service.

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Customer Testimonial

ZK wire is excellent and beyond word. Bought 1 container of fencing wire, and very fast delivery, great customer service and even got a call after payment ask how everything is going. A must recommendation for everyone.

About Us


ZK was founded in 2000


Three manufacturing facilities, over 100,000 m2


4 categories. Over 100 products

The factory, JINZHOU CITY ZK METAL PRODUCTS PTY LTD, was established in year of 2002 in the wave of China industrialisation, with a strong conviction to develop ourselves through quality products and low price. With this mindset, we have expanded our portfolio from just wire drawing, annealing, galvanising & further downstream processing. Our in-house trading, THE STRAIGHT WIRE PTY LTD, formally started in year of 2017 with exporting discipline and good trading management team. With the mindset of maximising value for the whole supply chain , we provide unbeatable service and work collaboratively with our partners. ________________________________________________________________________________________________Wire types: black annealed wire, galvanized wire(both electro-galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized), PVCUOM: Coils, Bundles, Boxes, Cartons(Printing supported), palletized. Wire diameters:0.4mm to 6mm, weight from 1kg to up to 1000kg. MOQ:20tons for export for economic reason. Can be aggregated total tonnage of different types of wire. A 20ft GPcontainer loads 24-28tons, depending on the legal requirement by the destination country. ETD: 2 weeks upon contract signing and deposit taken. FOB Tianjin to destination Or freight took up bycustomer-appointed broker. We can accept payment in USD or RMB. Packaging requirement: most of the packaging types are supported, you can submit your packaging requirements for approval. Galvanizing: depends on the zinc gsm, please ask the sales for the specific price. Electro-galvanized is usually about 25gsm and the price is consistent.Export Market: US, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN countries. Price validity: for one week, 5 business days

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